• Consolidation


Consolidated Forecasts can be created using subsidiaries which use different currencies and using various "What If" scenarios, so that in effect users can build stressed Consolidations. The process is very data heavy and the calculation time will vary significantly depending on the number of years and the number of forecasts used in the Consolidation.
Consolidations are created in 4 steps:-
1) Select the forecasts to be consolidated
2) Create an "Adjustment Tile" which is then used to build a Consolidation Journal
3) Create the Consolidation Journals, which are not conventional Debit & Credit entries, to illustrate, an entry to remove inter company sales of £1000 per month, would require a monthly sales adgustment of -£1000 and an adjustment to purchases of -£1000. The Journal will adjust purchases and sales in the Income Statement, but will not update Creditors and Debtors in the Balance Sheet or Debtors Receipts and Creditors payments in the Cash Flow statement which will require addittional entries via another Journal. Any Journal only affects the account headings selected.
4) Select the scenarios to Consolidate and then "Calculate"