• Licence or Franchise Fee Revenue Model
Licence SaaS & Franchise Fee Revenue Model
This model could be used for any business that earns revenue by the sale of licences, franchise fees, or subscriptions. The model incorporates multiple tiers of licence or franchise fees and four data sets to build the forecast and the key revenue drivers are: -
· The average customer discount
· The customer retention rate
· The average annual licence fee
· The number of licences sold per annum
If the business operates a franchise model, the initial franchise fee sale is represented by this model but the on-going franchise income generated by franchisees should be forecast by selecting and using the most appropriate revenue model, which could be this Licence model or a combination of other models. Within the Licence or Franchises module there is no factoring, invoice discounting, deposit or lead time option.
Select whether this is a new or existing revenue stream, any new revenue stream being subject to the New Revenue Model.